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"A shoe program that works!"

How does a shoe program fail? We've heard lots of reasons, and most come down to one word. "Effort." 
Manager's effort;   setting up the program, tracking eligibility, preventing fraud, product selection/application, etc.
Employee's effort;   scheduling shoe selection/fitting, getting just the right shoe, payment, etc.

When obtaining a pair of shoes or boots becomes a hassle, unhappiness spreads.
It doesn't have to be that way.

We've spent years developing a process for implementing and administering shoe programs large and small. Our largest program serves over 30,000 workers from one company.


Why ORR Safety Shoe Programs are successful

 - Selection

          Shoes from any major safety shoe manufacturer
          Right Shoe + Good Fit = Satisfied Employee 

 - Fulfillment options

          On-site Shoe Store, or order direct
          Shoes can be shipped to work or home
          No shoemobiles! 

 - Administration

          We know Who is eligible, for What, When
          Payment options, including payroll deduction
          Sales are tracked by location, recipient, cost center, etc.
          Automated, cyclical employee spending allowances

 - Self-Service Information

          Online record keeping and reporting using NetSITE
          Purchase history, invoices, eligibility dates, etc.



ORR Shoe Express

A Shoe Program that is customized to your specific needs.

  - Our experts will help you select which shoes to offer
     for your work environments
  - Over 200 styles and 20,000 pairs of shoes and boots
     from your favorite brands, all in stock for immediate delivery
  - Design how you want the program to work;  frequency,
     vouchers, allowance, payment options for amounts exceeding
     the allowance, payroll deduction, shipping options, etc.
  - Orders placed online or by phone
  - Assistance rolling out the program;  training, announcements 
     with instructions, posters showing shoe choices, etc. 


Learn more!   800.949.6155   or


On-Site Shoe Store

Hassle-free way for a company to provide its employees and
contractors with required safety shoes or other safety products.

  - Retail-style store in a location controlled by your company
  - Eliminates the disruptions caused by shoemobiles
  - Eliminates expenses associated with purchasing, managing
     and dispensing inventory
  - Staffed by an ORR Safety associate who assists with selection
     and fitting
  - ORR Safety maintains consignment inventory in the store


Learn more!   800.949.6155 or