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Industrial Hygiene is a mix of art and science. The art is having a sense for when something in the workplace could lead to impairment, injury or illness. The science comes bundled in instruments that never stop evolving to detect and warn of the potential for hazard, exposures or risk.

ORR Safety can help you navigate through
the choices to select the best instrumentation
for your applications. 

We specialize in the latest in safety and industrial hygiene products.  And we service them!

If you need new instrumentation, rental equipment, or services for testing, maintenance, or calibration of your existing equipment, we are the people to call.


·  Confined-Space Monitors

·  Multi and Single gas Monitors

·  Fixed-Point Gas Detection Systems

·  Photoionization Detectors (PID)

·  Calibration Gas

·  Air Sampling Pumps and Accessories

·  Noise Dosimeters and SLM’s

·  Detector Tubes and Pumps

·  Indoor Air Quality Monitors

·  Heat Stress Monitors

·  Dust Monitors

·  Hazmat Detection Kits

·  Gas Detection Badges

·  Air Velocity/Volume/Pressure Instruments


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