"Am I protected right now?"

Ready access to safety program information helps you make
informed decisions

  - Safety and Fire Equipment Inspection/Testing/Maintenance
  - Shoe Programs


NetSITE™ is powerful web-based software developed by InspectionLogic Corporation (subsidiary of ORR). Integration with Microsoft Great Plains ERP and ORR’s distribution management system makes NetSITE™ an information-rich resource for decisions you need to make today and planning you need to do for the future.


What will it tell me?

• Inventory • Eligibility • Consumption • Effectiveness • Costs
• Inspection/Testing Results

Questions NetSITE helps you answer:

•  PPE inventory on-hand 
          —  meeting expectations?

•  Who is eligible for Special Programs
          —   Glasses or Shoes?

•  PPE consumption rates 
          —  Too high (unnecessary expense)?
—  Too low (unprotected personnel)?

•  Safety program effectiveness 
          —  Key Performance Indicators?

•  Costs 
          —  Under/Over budget?
          —  Trends?
          —  Forecasting?


How much does it cost?

Zero. Our standard operating procedure is to use NetSITE™ for managing customer information and to add value to the programs we administer for you. NetSITE™ is a competitive advantage for you and for us.


Special Program  •  Safety Shoes

"Every worker wearing the right shoes with the right fit without going over budget."

How?   Program administration with the help of NetSITE™

•  Manage employee records

•  Track eligibility

•  Incorporate payroll deductions
   for purchases that exceed employee allocations.

NetSITE™ Reporting Tools

•  View complete transaction history

•  Customizable date ranges

•  View actual invoices and credits

•  Export to Excel for budgeting and planning


NetSITE™  •  As easy as 1 • 2 • 3

1)   Login:  NetSITE™ has integrated levels of security
      allowing you to control assess to information by...
          — Single location
          — District / Region
          — All facilities company wide

2)   Select location you wish to view

3)   View and/or Export documents and reports for
      each department or location



Want to learn how to start using NetSITE™ 
for your safety programs?

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