Field Reports

— Employee was running a small side angle grinder with a buffing wheel to buff the paint & rust off of 3.5” dump bailers near the end of the bailer. The weight of the grinder and pressure against the bailer was not balanced and caused the buffer to slide off and hit his hand which was holding bailer. The gloves absorbed the force of the grinder reducing the injury to a minimal scratch needing cleaning & bandage.

— When handling a 8' X 4' piece of tin while cleaning work area on yard, worker grabbed edge of tin on corner and the sharp edge sliced through protective leather covering located on palm side, middle finger, on left glove. KONG glove created barrier between hand and sharp edge. Without KONG glove the sharp edge would have sliced through skin causing a severe laceration to hand. 

— While rigging down Chicksan iron from return tank, I was holding the wing union of a block 90. I stepped over to the iron basket and tossed block 90 into basket. When I released it from my grasp a burr on the hammer union lodged into the pointer finger of my glove and ripped through the leather. No cut to my finger skin. The bottom side of the KONG glove is made of leather. The leather kept the metal burr from cutting through to my skin, thereby eliminating a cut to my index finger.

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