• NIOSH Approval number: TC-84A-7877
  • FDA Registered - 3010141571
  • At least 95% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) against non-oily particulate
  • Adjustable nosepiece with inner foam nose cushion
  • Applications: Spray-paint/printing, dyeing, garage, electronics and food manufacturing, disinfecting
  • Latex-free
This mask has been certified by the CDC to have a 95% filtration efficiency against non-oily particles, such as dust, mists, fumes, and solid particulate from minerals, coal, iron ore, or flour, for example. Per the CDC, N95 respirators are effective against particles .3 microns in diameter or greater.

This lightweight mask features an adjustable aluminum nose-piece and is worn with head straps. It is composed of a polypropylene material made without toxic chemicals or stimulants. This mask creates a low breathing resistance while maintaining it’s filtration efficiency.

This disposable product is intended for single use. The mask should be discarded when it no longer forms an effective seal to the face, becomes difficult to breathe through, is visibly dirty or wet, is contaminated with blood or other body fluids, or otherwise becomes damaged or deformed.


  • Base Part #IXIAZYB11
  • BrandORR
  • Filter ClassN95


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