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  • VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Consigned! Only pay for what is used

  • Only the products approved by you

ORR’s On-Site Store provides a hassle-free way for a company to provide its employees and contractors with safety equipment they wear or use.

ORR Safety eliminates expenses associated with purchasing, managing, and dispensing inventory.


Give us space.

We'll give you a retail-style Safety Store!

This is the place where your workers will quickly and easily obtain the products that you want them using. 

 - Staffed by ORR Safety

 - Stocked by ORR Safety

 - Usage tracking and billing by ORR Safety

 - Location on your property selected and controlled by you

 - Inside your facility or in a trailer provided by ORR Safety


4 ways to learn more about ORR Safety On-Site Stores: 

Meet    with your ORR Safety Account Manager

Call      Special Programs Customer Service at 800.949.6155

eMail   Special Programs Customer Service at

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Vending Program

"It's our on-site safety store robot!"

ORR Safety offers a very simple and easy-to-implement
vending program for PPE. Vending will ensure that your
employees have 24/7/365 access to all of the correct,
critical and preapproved safety products to do their job
while reducing overall costs.

ORR's Vending Program offers real benefits

ORR offers a comprehensive menu of Vending options and services

 4 ways to learn more about ORR Safety Vending: 

Meet    with your ORR Safety Account Manager

Call      Mark Wiktorski at 585.216.7845

eMail   Mark Wiktorski at

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ORR Safety Vending Program